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Some suggested hotels for the Gathering and User Conference, October 10th - 13th

There are no really inexpensive budget places in Oslo, but I have found someone how may at least be called inexpensive:

Cochs Pensionat. This one is also down town, also inexpensive, and a short walk to the location of the User Conference,

Anker Hotel has been used, and recommended, by some of us. It's not the cheapest on this list, but it is closer to a conventional conference hotel than the other two. (A conference room may be booked here, as someone has asked for.)

Rica Holberg Hotel. A comfortable conference hotel, in a nice walking distance from the conference. Offer single rooms from NOK 930,- (USD 162,-) See Rica Holberg

If you have a very good economy, then Hotel Continental is closest to everything you need!

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