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Bug Squashing party for Debian and Ubuntu in Oslo

Norway the weekend Jan 31 to Feb 1 2015

Would you like to contribute to free software as Debian, Skolelinux and Ubuntu with error correction or translation? Join the bug squashing party and you might remove a bug from your favorite programs for good?

It will be a workshop to learn more on contributing to Debian and Ubuntu the weekend Jan 31 to Feb 1 2015 . This happens in cooperation between NUUG, the Skolelinux project, Bitraf and the television station project Frikanalen.

Bring your laptop with Debian Ubuntu installed and join us at Bitraf in Oslo, Youngs gate 6. We are starting 11 o'clock both Jan 31 and Feb 1. There are no special knowledge required for joining the party. You should take courage and positive attitude as a part of your preparation to get most out of the days :)

There is room for 30 people at the site, and it is important that you report your intention to join to allow us to keep track of the number of participants. More information and the list of participants (please put your name in the list or send us an email if you do not want to create a wiki account) is available from a wiki page at Debian. There is no fee to join and it is open for everyone, independent of NUUG membership.

The address is Youngs gate 6 in the center of Oslo.

Feilfiksingsfest for Debian og Ubuntu i Oslo

Helga 31. jan til 1. feb 2015

Har du lyst å bidra til fri programvare som Debian, Skolelinux og Ubuntu med feilretting eller oversetting? Bli med å forbedre favorittprogrammene du bruker. Kanskje vil du fjerne en irriterende feil for godt?

Helga 31. jan til 1. februar arrangeres verksted for å lære og bidrar til Debian, Ubuntu og annen fri programvare. Dette skjer i samarbeide mellom NUUG, Skolelinux-prosjektet, Bitraf og TV-stasjonsprosjektet Frikanalen.

Ta med deg din bærbare med Debian Ubuntu installert, og møt opp lørdag 31. januar klokka 11 på Bitraf i Oslo, Youngs gate 6. Det er ingen spesielle krav til forhåndskunnskaper. Men du må ta med pågangsmot og positiv innstilling for å få mest mulig ut av dagen. :)

Det er plass til 30 stykker i lokalet, så det er viktig at du melder din ankomst slik at vi klarer å holde tellingen. Mer informasjon og deltagerliste (skriv deg inn selv eller send oss epost hvis du ikke vil lage deg wiki-konto) er tilgjengelig fra wikiside hos Debian. Arrangementet er gratis og åpent for alle uavhengig av NUUG-medlemskap.

Adressen er Youngs gate 6 i Oslo sentrum.



Saturday 31 Jan - Sunday 01 Feb , 2015

Location Oslo:


Bus, train:

Almost everything goes to Jernbanetorget and walk from there to Bitraf


Youngs gate 6, 0181 Oslo


The gathering will include work on several topics


Anyone who is, has been, or wants to contribute to the Debian-Edu/Skolelinux, Libre/OpenOffice or other free software projects are invited

Please note that there will be NO reimburse for travel expenses and no sleeping accommodations.



You can register in two ways:

  1. enter your details into the list at the bottom of this page
    • due to spam on the wiki you need to have editing rights on the wiki, ask for edit rights on #skolelinux on irc.oftc.net, or on the email: www-no at skolelinux dot no
  2. send an email message to debian-edu@lists.debian.org (or linuxiskolen@skolelinux.no ), containing the following information:

    • Subject: Yes, I will participate in the developer gathering in Trondheim <dates> Body:

      • Your name
      • Which part of the gathering you are joining (technical/testing, translation, system user/documentation, facilitators)


Should read /Checklist (http://developer.skolelinux.no/info/prosjektet/delprosjekt/gathering-checklist.txt)

Time frame for the gathering

Saturday 31th January


Start working




Continue working


Start working again



Sunday 01th February


Short break for status updates and work rescheduling






Please add you name as participants and where you are going to work from




Petter Reinholdtsen

Debian Edu distribution


Knut Yrvin

DebianEdu/Skolelinux, Saturday, Sunday


Hans-Petter Fjeld - atluxity (at) 1kb.no +47 95728209

NUUG, Saturday, Sunday Bitraf

Ingrid Yrvin

Translation of web pages and doc Saturday, Sunday


Ole-Erik Yrvin

Translation of web pages and doc Saturday, Sunday


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